Charge Your Car on Your Time

Get an at-home EV charger in Cartersville, GA

You bought your EV car for its energy efficiency and convenience. So, why are you still stopping at the gas station to charge up? Partner with Ward Electrical Contracting Services in Cartersville, GA to get an at-home EV charger. We'll set you up with a 120-volt or 280-volt charger, depending on your needs and how much energy your home can put out.

Equip your home with a personal EV charger. Call 678-899-2177 today to schedule a consultation.

3 great reasons to install an EV charger

If you drive an electric vehicle, you should invest in an EV charger for your garage. Having an EV charger at home will...

  1. Save you time by keeping your battery charged up
  2. Save you money at expensive public chargers
  3. Save your car by using the correct charger

Don't depend on the local gas station to charge your car. Get an EV charger at home today.